- Carolyn Kerr

Catherine falls for Pedro, who is Argentine, when her boat capsizes in Sydney harbour. Then she falls for his cooking.

And then she finds herself in Buenos Aires. Unable to speak fluent Spanish, let alone understand rapid-fire conversations, she is disoriented in a high-rise city of thirteen million, where the subway runs on the left, but cars drive on the right. The custom of kissing people when they are first introduced – but not always, and not everyone – adds to her confusion. And Pedro’s family displays an overwhelming interest in everything that Catherine and Pedro do.

Funny, intimate and engaging, and written in the form of a travel memoir, Catherine's story unfolds against a backdrop of Buenos Aires streetscapes, Argentine customs, family life, food and wine. The narrative is peppered with Argentine sayings and expressions – with their English translations – and each chapter ends with one of Pedro’s tantalizing recipes.

           A story of travel and food

 An Argentine in my Kitchen


A bit about myself . . .

An Argentine in my Kitchen is my first novel, inspired by travels in Argentina and South America with my Argentine partner. Like Catherine in the book, I've stumbled through Spanish conversations and been confused by local customs. I've been fascinated by Spanish sayings and expressions, and by the local food and its indigenous, colonial, and immigrant origins.

Two of my current writing projects are based in Patagonia, the region that forms the backdrop to Chapter 4 of An Argentine in my Kitchen. One project is a three-part novel, and the other is non-fiction.

Being a compulsive reader - of fiction and non-fiction - I'll write from time to time about the books I'm reading. This will be an eclectic selection because of my background in science, engineering and communication, and my interest in languages, history and the arts.


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The blog category About Books is currently about books I'm reading. It also contains two of my short stories.

Two of the blog categories complement my novel, An Argentine in my Kitchen. In Argentine Cameos the posts describe various aspects of Argentina and Buenos Aires, and in Pedro's Kitchen you will find recipes and food-related posts.

The fourth category is Patagonia, and it covers anything to do with my research for the two books that will be centred in that region.

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