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Antique Motor Cars

Updated: Nov 13

One hundred years ago, Argentina was one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Not only were the palaces and the houses opulent and elegant - so were the cars. On the streets of Buenos Aires, the well-heeled would try to outdo each other with the latest models of motor vehicles.

A little-known museum, hidden in the Automóvil Club Argentino (Argentine Automobile Club), displays a number of those wonderful, now antique, motor cars. It's worth a visit if you love those old vehicles. Here are three examples:

1906 Renault Grand Prix Racer
1904 Schacht Model K, USA
1910 Renault

Gran Premio Recoleta Tigre

Some of these cars are entered in the Gran Premio Recoleta Tigre, a race that takes place in November each (non-pandemic) year, recreating the first open car race in South America, in Buenos Aires in 1906. This race attracts up to sixty pre-1920 cars and motorcycles, all in beautiful working order. The event is organised by the Club de Automóviles Clásicos de la Repúbica Argentina. In past races, cars have included a 1901 steam-propelled Rochester Splindleseat, a 1903 Internacional Harvester, a 1904 Cadillac Double Phaeton, a 1909 Panhard Levassor and a 1910 Case Racer. The oldest motor cycles are a 1904 Goricke and a 1910 Shaw.

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