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Buenos Aires street art - bold and beautiful

Catherine, the narrator in my book, An Argentine in my Kitchen, was a little naive when she admitted to not knowing the difference between graffiti and street art. So, of course, she had no idea that Buenos Aires was one of the world's best known cities for street art. Vibrant and creative, political, philosophical or simply fun, there's an unending variety of styles, and the styles are always evolving. Fabulous murals adorn the full side walls of multi-storey buildings. Patchworks of stencil art intermingled with colourful characters can be found on long low walls. And bright geometric patterns decorate the bases of expressway overpasses.

Unfortunately, time-poor tourists often miss out on this fascinating and exciting side of the city. After a city tour, a tango show, a dinner of steak and red wine, an estancia visit and a delta visit, tourists are often swept away to admire another city or country.

If only they could spend a little more time in the city, to discover the works of world-renowned street artists such as Jaz (Franco Fasoli), Martín Ron and Milu Correch. These and many others have endless surfaces to work on - in Buenos Aires, they don't need any authorisation from the local government, and the property owner simply needs to give their permission. Often the name of the artist, and even their website, can be found on the artwork. If you simply google 'Buenos Aires street art' you will find a wealth of information and endless photos of the stunning art of the city.

It's definitely worth taking a tour, and TripAdvisor is a good place to start. graffitimundo is a not-for profit group that has run tours for many years. And the added advantage of a tour is that you discover neighbourhoods of Buenos Aires that you would not normally visit.

I hope you enjoy finding out Buenos Aires street art, and if you want to find out more about Buenos Aires, read my book, An Argentine in my Kitchen.

Mural in the barrio of Palermo


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