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Wrought iron balustrades of Buenos Aires

A recent post, Elegant entrances of Buenos Aires, garnered many positive reviews, so I am following it up with a couple of similar posts.

This first post begins with seven window balustrades on houses in Buenos Aires, from Argentina's glory days.

The balustrade below displays the acacia, hinting that the owner of the house was a freemason.

The following window balustrade is found on the Palacio Ortiz Basualdo, home to the French Embassy since 1939. The Palacio was almost demolished in the seventies, in order to build one of the widest avenues in the world, Avenida 9 de Julio, but thankfully it was saved by protests from neighbours and the French government. The Palacio is open once a year to patient people who are prepared to queue for hours.

And here's an internal balustrade, from the staircase of the old post office of Buenos Aires, now the largest cultural centre in Latin America, and the third or fourth largest cultural centre in the world.

And for more descriptions of architecture in Buenos Aires, read my book, An Argentine in my Kitchen.


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